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US1101. #232, 3c Columbian. Fine, NH. photo $65.
US1102. #233, 4c Columbian, VF, NH. photo $180.
US1103. #234, 5c Columbian. Fine, LH. photo $60.
US1104. #338, 10c p12 w/f, Very Fine, LH. photo $70.
US1105. #376, 3c p12 w/f, Very Fine+, NH. photo $50.
US1106. #377, 4c p12 w/f . Very Fine+, NH. photo $65.
US1107. #378, 5c p12 w/f. Very Fine+,LH. photo $65.
FS101. Ireland 1960 EUROPA #175-176, NH. photo $59.
FS100. Luxembourg 1956 EUROPA #318-320, NH. photo $350.