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This our Coins & Currency page. We are constantly adding material to our lists so please check with us often. To order, send us an email with the item number(s) and you billing information. All orders are confidential and on a first come basis. You will be sent an Invoice by return email. Shipping (and Texas sales Tax where applicable) will be added. Prices may vary due to market & bullion prices. Call for current quote. We accept VISA and MASTERCARD for your convenience. THANK YOU for your visit and come again.
B&P = box and papers. NOTE: For 1986 to date proof eagles & sets click HERE
CCTK1 KM311. - CAJUN COINS 41mm Ku Klux Klan red aluminum anodized KKK token. Produced in Louisiana for the centennial year of the Klan. SOLD
CCTK6 KK201. Klan token - (1915), Eagle, Fiery Cross in background, on Stone Mountain, Georgia - locale for founding of the Klan's second movement on Thanksgiving Night. Obv: SYMWAO (spend you money with Americans only), MIAFA (my interests are for America). Latin motto meaning Not for Self, But for Others. Classic and SCARCE !!. $ 115.
CCLCO 50# of WORLDWIDE COINS (prox 4500-5000 pcs) Good mixture loads of fun. Price included S&H $265.
CCLCU 1# of WORLDWIDE CURRENCY (prox 500 notes) Good mixture, lots of fun for a little price. $99.
CC103 1982D U S GEORGE WASHINGTON Uncirculated Half Dollar. B&P. $6.30
CC104 1982S U S GEORGE WASHINGTON Proof Half Dollar. B&P. $6.30
CC116 1983 PDS OLYMPIC 3pc Uncirculated Silver Dollar Set. B&P SOLD
CC117 1984 PDS OLYMPIC 3pc Uncirculated Silver Dollar Set. B&P SOLD
CC127 1988 OLYMPIC Proof & Uncirculated 4 coin Set. B&P SOLD
CC123 1989 CONGRESSIONAL Proof & Uncirculated 6 coin set. B&P SOLD
CC102 1991D USO Uncirculated Silver Dollar. B&P. $15.
CC105 1991D U S KOREAN WAR MEMORIAL Uncirculated Silver Dollar. B&P. $15.
CC101 1992D U S OLYMPIC Uncirculated Silver Dollar. B&P $24.
CC129 1992 COLUMBUS QUINCENTENARY Proof & Uncirculated 6 coin set. B&P SOLD
CC114 1992D U S WHITE HOUSE Uncirculated Silver Dollar. B&P $37.
CC107 1994D U S CAPITAL Uncirculated Silver Dollar. B&P $22.50
CC106 1994W U S VETERANS Uncirculated Silver Dollar. B&P $63.
CC113 1994D WORLD CUP Uncirculated 2 coin set. B&P $33.
CC115 1991-5 WWII 50th Anniversary Unciculated 2 coin set B&P $46.
CC106 1995 CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELD Uncirculated 2 coin set. B&P $85.
CC112 1996S SOCCER Uncirculated Half Dollar. B&P $99.
CC111 1996D OLYMPIC HIGH JUMP Uncirculated Silver Dollar. B&P $335.
CC113 1998S ROBERT F KENNEDY MEMORIAL Uncirculated Silver Dollar. B&P $31.
CC108 2000P U S LIBRARY OF CONGRESS Uncirculated Silver Dollar. B&P $40.
CC110 2002W U S MILITARY ACADEMY Uncirculated Silver Dollar. B&P $32.
CC109 2004P THOMAS EDISON Uncirculated Silver Dollar. B&P $36.

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