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card TX159. ALUM (CREEK) (dpo/Bastrop) 1860 ms on 3c pse to Boston. Opened roughly at right. $ 65.
card TX149. BAILEYVILLE (dpo/Milam) 1883 ms on 3c pse to San Angelo. Scarce dpo. $ 15.
cover TX102. BELTON c.1870 cds, target on 3c locomotive to Indiana. Unusual stamp oxidation, with sharp cds. SOLD
cover TX103. CEDAR MILLS (dpo/Grayson)c.1879 ms on 3c pse. $40.
cover TX104. FRUITLAND (dpo/Montague) 1941 4bar on ADLER handpainted cachet. NICE!! TEXAS cachet artist. $50.
cover TX120g. CSA BEAUMONT (1862) ms, on 5 cent pair to Liberty. Nice cover from Duncan correspondence. SOLD
cover TX106g. CSA BOSTON 1861 cds, Paid 10 (ms) on cover to Carrol Hoy, New Orleans. $180.
card TX137g. BRAZOS - MEXICAN WAR Sept 1847 ds, 10 (deleted) on O.P.S. sfl to adjutant general in D.C. SOLD
cover TX108g. TEXAS REPUBLIC, 1840 Providence, La (ms) Paid 18 3/4 on sfl to Zavalla Texas SHIP, 56 . Sent via New Orleans with a Bryan oval agent marking on reverse (prox 75% strongly visable). Brothers letter (2pgs+)"looking for a place to settle either in Louisiana, Arkansas or Mississipi. SOLD.
cover TX129g. TEXAS REPUBLIC, 1840 Charlotte Tenn.(ms) 25 Paid on sfl to Jasper County Texas SHIP, 56 . Sent via New Orleans with a Bryan oval agent marking on reverse (prox 50% strongly visable). Family letter. SOLD
card TX109. TEXAS Greeting Card by stamp collage artist Lisa Nicks. Beautiful print of one of this Texas artist's stamp collage works on canvas. Done on heavy card stock(51/2"x51/2") with blank insides for your message. Pack of 10 with envelopes. $12.50
card TX138g. CSA - BRENHAM Jan 1862 cds, Paid 5 to Hempstead. $175
card TX110g. CSA - COURTNEY Aug 1864 cds, Paid 10 on sfl to Hempstead. Part english, part french business letter. Cancel type and rate not in Dietz. Scarce Grimes county CSA marking. $250
card TX133g. CSA - COURTNEY May (1862) cds, Paid on small cover to Anderson. $170
card TX126g. CSA CROCKETT c.1862 cds PAID on repaired cover to Anderson. $110.
card TX151. CSA - (EAGLE LAKE), Paid 10 on 1865 sfl to San Antonio. Letter re: cotton for purchase and provisions needed. (Letter burned in the Twohig warehouse fire that damaged or destroyed a small fortune in confederate postal history) Unlisted CSA Colorado County usage. $ 95.
cover TX153. GALVESTON 1850 cds, STEAM 10 on sfl From New Orleans. Letter to wife re: family matters and cattle prices going up in New Oreans due to excessive river flooding. Letter written by Joe Evans, probably one of the founders of the 'Bloys Camp Meeting' (see HBOT). Early use of the 23mm waterway marking. SOLD
cover TX154. GOSHEN (dpo/Henderson) c1872 ms on 3c to Nacodoches. Early use of the period for this post office. $ 45.
cover TX136g. HUNTSVILLE rimless cds, X on sfl to St Louis. Great family letter re: resisting the forty-niner gold "California Fever". $160.
cover TX135g. LANCASTER cds, "H", ties 7c,2c banknotes on courtcover to Dallas. $175.
card TX111g. MATAGORDA c.1849, 10, sfc to North Carolina. Nice example of a short used marking. SOLD
card TX112. GALVESTON 1869, W JOCKUSCH , RNB1 on 'In Currency' draft to John Twohig & Co, San Antonio. Jockusch was a prominent banker, Prussian counsul to Texas, and a Howard Association member (a philanthropic organization handling public health assistance during the yellow fever epidimic in 1844 where Galveston lost 12% of its population). $20.
card TX113. GALVESTON 1870, HENRY RUNGE, check on the NATIONAL BANK OF TEXAS for 242.10 in Gold for compressing 269 bales of cotton. Runge, one of the early German immigrants, established a general store in a tent in Indianola, appointed United States consul at Indian Point, established the first private bank in Texas, etc. Runge, Texas was named after Henry Runge. Check with 2c Bank Check revenue, Runge handstamp. SOLD
card TX148. GILMER c1855 large cds on 3c pse to South Carolina. $20.
card TX115g. HAMLIN (dpo/Frio) 1879 ms on 3c banknote to San Antonio. VERY SCARCE DPO, possible ERP! $125.
card TX147. HAVANA (dpo- Hidalgo) 1902 cds, target on 2c to California. Cactus growers c/c. Clean. $ 40.
card TX141g. CSA HOUSTON1862 cds DUE 10 on soldier's cover to brother in Georgia. SOLD
card TX146. HOUSTON - 1928 fancy 'Sam Houston Memorial' star with Sam's statue in center on Houston Airport Dedication. Airmail rate to Iowa paid with C1+. Very clean with unusual Air label and 20th century listed fancy cancel. SOLD
card TX150. HOUSTON 1896 duplex on 2c pse. Illustrated JAMES BUTE corner card. Dealer in paint and wallpaper.'Wallpaper' in color on Reverse. James Bute park is named after this man. $ 25.
card TX121g. CSA INDEPENDANCE c.1862 cds PAID 10 on cover to Texas. SOLD.
card TX160. JOHNSON'S STATION (dpo/Tarrant) c1875 ms on 3c pse to Kentucky. $ 38.
card TX142g. CSA LIBERTY 1864 cds PAID 5 on courthouse cover to Houston. SOLD
card TX125g. CSA LONG POINT c.1862 cds PAID 10 ms on cover to TVI soldier in Richmond, Va. Scarce Washington county DPO. $140.
cover TX132g. CSA LONG POINT 1864 ms on 5c pair on embossed envelope to Columbia. Scarce Washington county DPO. $175.
card TX128g. CSA MATAGORDA c.1862 cds PAID on cover to Lockhart. Slightly reduced at right. $125.
card TX152. MELROSE (dpo/Nacodoches) 1881 ms on 3c to Homer. SOLD
card TX130g. CSA MILL CREEK 1862,PAID 10 ms on sfl to Monticello, Ark. Letter re: loss of sons in war, etc. SCARCE Red River county DPO. $180.
card TX161. MOUNTAIN CITY (dpo/Hays) c1880 cds, target on 3c b/n. Faint, but discernable cds of a Scarce dpo. $ 95.
card TX143. CSA - NAVASOTA March 13/63 ms on 5c pair to Hempstead. lite fold under dateline and bottom stamp into at bottom. SOLD.
card TX122g. CSA ORANGE 1862,PAID 10 ms on homemade ledger sheet cover to Anderson. SOLD
card TX123g. CSA OWENSVILLE 1861 cds, STAR on 3c star die to Buchanan. Interesting notation "Both Defds runaway. No service". $200.
card TX156. PANKEY (dpo,Grimes) 1888 cds, target on 2c pse to Galveston. Better DPO. $ 40.
card TX157. PARIS c1850's, Paid 3c ms. on sc to 'Gonzalous'. $ 45.
card TX158. PERRYS LANDING (dpo/Brazoria) 1890 cds (ms m/d/y) on 3c pse to Galveston. Early spelling variety as was Perry Landing until 1894. Velasco(1) transit cds. SOLD.
card TX116g. POWELL DALE (dpo,Bosque) 1878 cds on 3c pse to Virginia. VERY SCARCE DPO. $125.
card TX117g. SAN ANDERS (dpo,Milam) 1857 ms on 3c pse to Independence. VERY SCARCE DPO. $165.
card TX139g. CSA - SAN ANTONIO/PAID Dec 1862 cds, on courtcover to Montgomery. No rate apparent. backflap with faults. $225
card TX118g. UNION (dpo,Washington) c.1855 ms on 3c pse to Alabama. SCARCE DPO. $125.
card TX145. SAN ANTONIO cds on PN1 FDC! Full 3 part form with Feb 1, 1945 first day cancel. Norman Brock service. xf. $ 30
card TX114. INDIANOLA RAILROAD 1870, stock subscription receipt to the 'Indianola Railroad Loan'. Chartered in 1858 to build a rail from Powderhorn Bayou to Clark Station, meeting with the San Antonio & Mexican Gulf Railroad. Work was delayed by the Civil War when financing was scarce and CSA troops burned ties and destroyed rail to keep it from the Yankees. Work resumed in 1869. Woodward (treasurer, IRR) and Hoyt (subscriber) were both prominent in the area. SOLD
card TX140. INDIANOLA RUSTLERS 1873 summons for a David Lewis to appear in court in answer to a complaintant sueing for recovery of two cattle hides branded "TL" (earmarks shown). Signed Jas McCoppin JP. Nice ranching collateral item. SOLD
TX140. GULF STATE UTILITIES Nice American Bank Note Company engraved stock certificate. Vignette at top center of figure holding lightning bolts. 2 or more TEXAS revenues on reverse. $7 ea.

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