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cover Pa106g. ADEN 1937 ADEN CAMP cds ties Dhou set to FIRST DAY cover. XF... $125.
cover Pa101. AITUTAKI #17 10 May 1918 cds ties 1p on 6d to Registered cover to England. Blue "R" label with handstamp "Aitutaki". Liverpool "registered" oval backstamp. NICE and CLEAN, $70.
cover Pa102. ALBANIA #373-8. - 24 June 1946 Tirane cds ties People's Repulic Set to envelope. PRE FDC! Philatelic but nice and clean. $40.
cover Pa103. ANTARTICA 1958 'Base Antartique Belge' cds on 4fr airletter + Antartic Expedition semi-postal on nicely cachetd cover to Brussels. Nice Belgium base Antartic item. $18.
cover Pa104. ANTARTICA 1960 "Base Antartique Belge' cdd on 4fr airletter +, to Seraing Belgium. Nicely cacheted Antartic item. $18.
cover Pa105g. ANTIGUA / LEEWARD ISLANDS. 1936 cds ties 'mixed' postage, pse on cover to HAITI. 6d being Die 1. xf, clean. PaP receiving on reverse. $100.
cover Pa109g. AUSTRALIA. 1934 Macarthur Death Centenary FDC!. xf, clean and SCARCE. With seals front and back. $180.
cover Pa108g. AUSTRIA. 1953 Pictoral cancel on c55,57-9 Airs FDC!!. CLEAN & CACHETED. $400.
cover Pb107g. BERMUDA. 1893 provisional revalue 1/halfpenny. UNSEVERED reply card. HG#8, SCARCE $125.
cover Pc108g.CAYMAN ISLANDS. 1908 provisional 'Pd 1/4 WGMC' ms, Oct 14, 1908 cds. SCARCE $225.
cover Pc110g.CANADA. 1910 Toronto duplex ties 1/2c x8 on cover to Montreal. TR stamp in block contains 'major reentry. SCARCE VARIETY $400.
cover Pd109g. DENMARK. 1906 Aarhus cds on solo 100o registered to Germany. Nice usage. $195.
cover Pg123g. GERMANY. 1949 Airletter to US. HG#1a,Mi#lf1ii. xf. $100.
cover Pg125g. GREAT BRITAIN. 1862 London duplex on solo 6p to Italy. Wing margin copy. Budrio receiving. $125.
cover Pg124g. GREAT BRITAIN. 1913 registered cds on solo 6p (perf 14!!) to U.S. $125.
cover Pi119g. ISRAEL. 1948 FIRST COINS complete FDC. With red box cachet designating the cover was given to a large contributor to Israel as a rememberance gift. Signed by the first postmaster of the Hebrew state. $295.
cover Pm117g. MALTA / GREAT BRITAIN. 1863 Malta A25 duplex on 4p to Italy. $125.
cover Pn116g. NETHERLANDS. 1932 semis FDC registered to U.S. Scarce. $135.
cover Ps121g. SAAR. 1920 Money Order Card. Mi#A1,HG#1 type 1 RARE xf, mint. $400.
cover Ps122g. SCHLESWIG. 4/8/20 cds ties solo 15pf official to Germany. Scarce cover. $120.
cover Ps114g. SWITZERLAND. 1872 Basel cds on solo 50c to U.S. $145.
cover Ps115g. SWITZERLAND. 1860 Logano cds on 15r to Como. $165.
cover Ps116g. SWITZERLAND. 1946 Pro-Patria semi's FDC. Scarce. $150.
cover Pt120g. TRISTAN DA CUNHA. 1954 Definitives (14-27) complete on FDC(2). Clean and Scarce. $130.
cover Pv111g. VATICAN CITY. c18-19 1949 Airs FDC. $160.
cover Pv112g. VATICAN CITY. c16-17 1949 Airs FDC. SCARCE. $475.
cover Pv113g. VATICAN CITY. 55-69 1938 Congress set FDC. $125.
cover Pv118g. VATICAN CITY. 1950 Airletter (hg#2) SCARCE variety, XF. $325.

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