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cover US107g. ALABAMA 1855 MOBILE cds, PAID 12 on cover to Louisiana. CLEAN $100.
cover US109g. ALABAMA 1850 SOCKOPARTOY ms, 12 1/2 on cover to Benton. Letter re: crops, politics. Early and Scarce Town. CLEAN $125.
cover US129g. ARKANSAS 1881 PICAYUNE,HOWARD COUNTY 1881 purple oval ties 10c,3c on POD cover (wmk 1) to Little Rock. SHOWPIECE!. Early date for this dpo. $225.
cover US103g. KENTUCKY 1802 FRANKFORT K. (ms), 50, double rate letter d/l Lexington to Baltimore. SCARCE and EARLY KENTUCKY marking. $475.
cover US104g. KENTUCKY 1850 CAVE SPRING K. (ms),FREE (pm), on cover to Grayson. SCARCE DPO. $125.
cover US101g. LOUISIANA c.1830 rimless Opelousas cds, Oct 8 (ms), 10, on sfc to Franklin. $125.
cover US110g. LOUISIANA - St MARTINSVILLE 1830 cds, Jan 20 (ms), 20 Paid , on sfc to Franklin. Good content: estate claims allowing purchase of negros. $200.
cover US111g. LOUISIANA - St MARTINSVILLE 1843 cds, Sept 29 (ms), 20 , on sfc to Franklin. Unusual homemade wrapper around document. Contains court summons re: judgement against estate (except slaves) unless otherwise uncollectable. $175.
cover US102g. LOUISIANA 1857 SENTELLS STORE (ms) on 3c pse to Sheriff in Nacogodoches Texas. SCARCE DPO $110.
cover US105g. MINNISOTA TERRITORY 1855 STILLWATER M.T. cds on 3c pse U7 to Missouri SCARCE POSTMARK & STATIONERY $500.
cover US106g. MISSOURI 1859 FRENCH POINT (ms) on 3c pse to Dover. SCARCE DPO $110.
cover US124g. NEW YORK - COMMUNITY-MADISON COUNTY 1888 cds on 1c gpc to Glen. VERY SCARCE DPO! $180.
cover US123g. VIRGINIA - UNIVERSITY OF 1838 oval w/ms date, 'FREE" on sfl from student to his postmaster father. NICE! $110.
cover US112g. CSA - NORTH CAROLINA 1861 ASHBORO cds PAID 5 on homemade cover to Davis High Point. Letter enclosed. $140.
cover US113g. CSA - ARKANSAS June 1862 STONY POINT, DUE 10 (ms) on soldier's sfl to Texas. Great letter from 12th Texas Dragoons. Note on back: "I dislike to send a letter unpaid, but cannot get stamps nor make change." VERY SCARCE $475.
cover US114g. CSA - ARKANSAS Oct 1862 AUSTIN cds, DUE 10 (ms) on soldier's cover to wife in Texas. Nice letter headed Camp Mead....forced march...war..etc. sold
cover US115g. CSA - SOUTH CAROLINA, GREENVILLE cds ties 5c to floral desigh wall paper cover to Limestone Springs. $285.
cover US116g. CSA - MISSISSIPPI Dec 1861 HORN LAKE (blue) cds PAID 10 on sfl to Texas. Good 3 page family letter. $150.
cover US117g. CSA - TENNESSEE 1861 CHATTANOOGA, DUE 10 (arc) on soldier's letter to Alabama. sold
cover US118g. CSA - FLORIDA Feb 1861 MARIANA cds on 3c star die pse. $325.
cover US119g. CSA - ALABAMA 1861 TUSCALOOSA, PAID 5 on cover to Greensboro. Letter re: cadets, production of uniforms,etc. $160.
cover US120g. CSA - (TENN) (ms) on 5c pair to Yellow Branch. $175.
cover US127g. 2, 1848 NEW YORK to New Orleans, sfl re: cotton business. 3 mgn stamp, faintly tied by cds. $900.
cover US128g. 7, 1856 PHILADELPHIA grid on 1c. Printed Auction House circular to Delaware. $110.
cover US125g. 9, 1856 PHILADELPHIA grid on 1c. Printed 'Fancy Goods' circular to Delaware. $120.
cover US126g. 10, 1851 NEW YORK to Michigan, sfl business content. 4 mgn stamp, nicely tied by cds. $145.
cover US108g. PARKS 740-9 Oct 8, 1934 cds on cacheted 10c fdc. SCARCE PARK FDC $125.
cover US121g. CANAL ZONE 3/2c entire, U12, upss31, XF mint. $225.
cover US122g. CANAL ZONE 2c air entire, Uc1, upss a3, Scarce XF mint. $220.

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